STC Claims – Solar Retailers/Installer

RET Australia has two simple STC claim processes for solar retailers and/or installers.

  • Paper based STC Assignment forms where the details are manually entered onto a paper form with signatures signed by the owner, installer and designer if applicable.

If you prefer the “old school” paper process, RET Australia is one of the remaining few nationally accredited certificate creators that accepts paper assignment forms.

Go to our DOWNLOADS section of our website to find the form that meets your state or federal government rebate needs.

RET Australia uses the “Bridgeselect” dealer portal and onsite mobile application for STC creation. With new and ever-increasing layers of compliance required from the Clean Energy Regulator, the RET/Bridgeselect digital STC claim process is a simple and reliable way to claim your STC’s and get paid fast!! By using the geo tagged and date stamped photography features and the super-fast barcode scanning options, the app is designed to simplify onsite compliance for all solar PV and solar hot water installers.

If you are a solar retailer or installer selling PV or solar hot water systems, our dealer portal and app will be able to help you minimize onsite compliance requirements.

In conjunction with an initial and simple Verification of Identity check, your business can get onto our “Priority payment” terms which guarantees you being paid within 24 hours of an accurate and fully completed application being received in our office.


With over 18 years’ experience as a nationally accredited Rec agent, Contact Us today to find out why we are regarded as having some of the most reliable STC processes in the industry.

We do what we say!!

Don’t get caught dealing with the big boys who treat you like a number; Our business provides true business service with competitive STC prices.