REC Prices

Current spot prices

RECs are a fluctuating commodity and prices can vary substantially from day to day. If you are an installer of solar products we are happy to talk about ways in which we can help you achieve the best price for your RECs whether this is a premium on our spot price, COD option or locked-in prices for fixed periods. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your own requirements.

If you are an individual business looking to have your RECs created by an experienced REC Agent, RET Australia can help you!


SRECs (also referred to as STCs) relate to small-scale renewable energy certificates which are typically created from domestic PV (solar electric), solar hot water and heat pump installations and commercial solar electric systems up to 100kw in size.

SRECs can be traded either on the “spot” market which is a supply and demand driven market where prices fluctuate depending on the requirements of the liable parties who are required to purchase these.  Each liable party has a quarterly target to meet and is required to purchase and surrender RECs back to the Clean Energy Regulator to fulfil that target.

SRECs can also be traded through the Government’s Clearing House where sellers can expect to receive a guaranteed wholesale price of $40 per certificate.  This is a wholesale price and customers looking to use the services of a registered agent can expect to received something below that price.  

It is important to bear in mind when considering using the Clearing House system for payment that there is no guarantee on when certificates will be purchased from the Clearing House as, if liable parties are able to purchase their quarterly requirements from the spot market at less than $40, that is what they will do.  The Clearing House will only begin to clear if there are no certificates available on the spot market and it is conceivable that the certificates could sit in the Clearing House for a considerable and indefinite time period before being purchased.    Interested parties can view the Clearing House transfer list by clicking here.


LRECs (also referred to as LGCs) relate to large-scale renewable energy certificates which are created from larger PV (in excess of 100kw) or wind systems (in excess of 10kw).  In order to create LRECs owners of eligible systems must register their system as a power station and create LRECs themselves on an annual basis.  This must be done directly with the Clean Energy Regulator and cannot be done using the services of an aggregator.  Aggregators can assist in the sale of these certificates once created.

As with SRECs, liable parties have a target to meet and surrender certificates back to the Regulator on an annual basis.  Again, as with SRECs, this market is supply and demand driven and prices will fluctuate on a day to day basis.

LRECs cannot be traded through the Clearing House.

If you need advice or assistance on how you deal with your certificates please contact us