Veec Certificate Creation

RET Australia has been an Approved Provider (AP) through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate programme (VEEC) for over 10 years.

We are accredited for a variety of categories in this Victorian State based scheme and can offer creation and payment options for retail businesses and consumers alike.

The Victorian State Government operate this scheme and details of the scheme and its charter can be found at About the Victorian Energy Upgrades program | Essential Services Commission

The Veec Registry VEU Registry ( provides tools to allow users to search product categories and calculate the number of Veecs applicable to specific products. AP’s also use this site to create Veecs. If you are a solar retailer looking for a Veec creator in categories such as hot water, airconditioning, space heating, refrigeration and alike, contact us to discuss your needs.

If you are consumer and need help in understanding this rather complex scheme and website, contact us on 1300 881 859 or via email at