Whether you are an independent trader or part of a multi-state based retailer we can provide you with assignment forms enabling you to offer a point of sale discount to your customers or we can custom-make assignment forms incorporating your own business logo. We charge no processing or administration fees for dealing with your RECs. The price you are quoted will be the price you receive.
If you interested in getting your RECs processed and held in the hope that prices may rise in the future we would be happy to do this for you and will provide you with regular status updates on all of your RECs.

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Read our various REC processing options. Download SHW POS Discount Assignment Download PV POS Discount Assignment


If your business requires live REC pricing we offer updated REC prices via email direct to your business email address and via the front page of our website daily. If you would to be added to either or both of our REC prices mailing list or our newsletter mailing list please use the subscription service at the bottom of our home page.