Independent traders, multi-state based retailer, we provide you with assignment forms enabling you to offer the best point of sale discount to your customers. We also provide customised assignment forms that enable  your own business logo to be incorporated within the form. Best part about all this, is that there is no hidden costs. No processing  or administration fees for dealing with you RECs. The price you receive and are quoted on, is the price you will receive.

Prices in this industry tend to fluctuate, hence if you are interested in processing your RECs and to be held for future rise in prices, we are more than happy to provide you will updates on all your RECs.

If your business needs live REC pricing, we offer updates REC prices through emails to your business email address.

Businesses require the right fit for their cash flow, ensuring that this procedure is made as beneficial for both parties is our goal. As a customer, you can have the choice of “COD (Cash on Delivery)” or “Payment on Audit”. One of our main value propositions are to provide you with the most facilitated and thorough processing and payment terms for you RECs.

We accustom processing styles with “Processing Only” and “Contract” styles to accommodate larger business or even inexperienced solar businesses.

Distance is no barrier to receiving Australia’s most efficient REC processing services. We ensure fast and reliable processing for all REC applications. Online computer applications system can definitely create frustration, and there is no need for that. Our highly experienced staff will assist you right through the process as and when required.

Reputation and reliable REC agents proceed us and are a long standing registered agent with the Clean Energy Regulator since 2004.  We have assisted thousands of customers process their RECS and receive prompt payment on all occasions. A service and experience based REC servicing agent outlining our long term industry participation, reliability and reputation in order to ensure customer satisfaction and support thoroughout the REC processes.