RET Australia is staffed by a small group of highly experienced staff who have spent many years in this field.

• Stephen Coleman: Company Director: Stephen has vast solar industry experience as a retailer, importer and wholesaler of solar hot water, PV, rainwater and other environmentally friendly products. He has been involved in these areas of the solar industry for over 15 years. Stephen has also been a registered agent with the Clean Energy Regulator for over 10 years and holds an enviable reputation for “doing things right”. Stephen is well known throughout the solar industry nationally and is also a founding member of the national Rec Agents Association, currently positioned as the association treasurer.

• Samantha Coughlan: Administration Manager: Originally a legal secretary in the UK, Samantha joined Mr Coleman in mid 2007 as the administration manager for the company. Samantha has vast knowledge of legal, contractual and rec processes and handles all aspects of the businesses administration.

• Carol Glover: Administration assistant: Carol has been employed with the group for over 5 years and provides valuable support to Samantha Coughlan.

• Part time/Casual staff: Assist the core group above.

• Business accountants: Parker Crofts and Co.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our highly trained and experienced staffs for any further information needed at 1300 881 859.