Assignment Forms

We have both Word (editable) and PDF versions for your ease of use, plus our on-line dealer portal if you wish to submit electronically.


CER approved products list

Please note these lists are as per the Clean Energy Regulator and are only updated on a weekly basis.  In order to check up-to-date information please refer to the CEC list of approved inverters and panels on their own website (

Click  CEC Approved Inverter list for a current list of approved inverters

Click CEC Approved Modules list for a current list of approved PV modules

Click VDRT – Approved Inverter List for a current list of VDRT approved Inverters (applicable to SA & WA)


Please contact our office if you require a VEECs assignment form as there are various forms for different categories. 

Domestic Customers and GST registered applicants

There are specific tax office requirements regarding GST on solar system sales.  If a discount is being provided for the value of the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) the GST status of the solar consumer must be considered and dealt with correctly.

See further information and flow charts below.


The ATO have recently issued expanded advice regarding GST and RECs.

Please click the following link to the ATO guidelines:  ATO Advice

GST flowchart 1  – where installer charges full price for system and GST registered consumer claims RECs value direct from Agent

GST flowchart2 – where installer offers a discount for RECs and discount is the same as REC price offered by Agent

GST flowchart3 – where installer offers a discount for RECs and the discount is less than the price offered by the Agent